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We Are Not What We Think We Are, We Are What We Hide

We are not what we think we are, we are what we hide.” – Andre Malraux Tattoos Still the Kiss of death in the Work Place?



~Beneath his grey, sharkskin Ralph Lauren suit, I hear from a dependable source, perhaps somebody who knew him in a past life, an uninhibited life, that his arms are rich and fiery and rebelliously covered with tattoos: sleeves of black, blue, red, skin of verse, inky maps of who he truly is, or was, or wants to become. Again.

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Tattoo’d Lady

still me, I’m still beautiful. I don’t need breasts to feel that way or to portray that to other people–Kelly Davidson


Canadian, Kelly Davidson, 34, has battled
three kinds of cancer in her short lifetime. She has survived Hodgkin’s
lymphoma, breast, and thyroid cancers. Kelly had a double mastectomy at age
28,  but rather than reconstructive
surgery, she opted for a tattoo across her chest.   Read my interview with this fabulous Tattoo’d
Lady below.

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