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In Memory of Kay

2,190 Days Since Your Murder


“You can’t cage an eagle for long without destroying it.” ― Patricia Briggs

Dedicated to my darling sister, Kay, whom was murdered 6 years ago on May 26 by her estranged husband.  I will love you forever and always, until the end of time.



~~~While chatting with the science teacher today, I notice a small plastic bag with a dragonfly inside. Me being me, I pick up the bag to get a closer look. I glare into it like one of those stupid human beings gawking at zoo animals. To be truthful, I detest animals locked up, monkey’s running to and fro from boredom, silverback gorillas stuck behind smeared glass, and the king of the jungle caged up like a trophy.

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In Memory of Kay Kim's Blogs

Yes, She Was Murdered, But This Is A Blog About Hope


~The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love.—Henry Miller


—After Kay’s murder, my friend, Jane, asked, “Kim, when did it all begin? I said, “At the very beginning.”


The following journal entries of my sister, Kay, reveals the premature signs of domestic abuse. Although they may appear minimal and insignificant at first, these acts of disrespect, unkindness, & disregard are vividly captured within these pages.


As I read Kay’s words, what stands out the most is her desperation to be loved, respected, acknowledged, and valued by her life-partner.


A picnic in the woods. Breaking bread. Drinking wine.  Giving love.  Receiving love.


So simple.  So practical.


…Yet it never happened.

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Kim's Blogs

14 Reasons She’s My BFF

 —“Some people go to priests; others to poetry; I to my friends.” ~Virginia Woolf


  1.  She’s nonjudgmental.    Recently,  I confided to my bff how I made total fool out of myself at First Avenue: drinking too many strawberry margaritas, dirty dancing, and flirting with these dudes from Rhode Island.  I told her a married, Christian girl would never behave in such a irresponsible manner.   She smiled and said. “Why didn’t you invite me,  bitch?”


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