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Really Honest Answers To Your Questions


(I’ve been asked these questions several times since blogging, & now I like to take the opportunity to answer them)




  • People who bump their food together as if to say ‘cheers.’ WTF? Drives me nuuuuts.


  • I cannot stand the thought of something (animals, humans, the environment) being abused, hurt, hungry, sad, belittled, or minimized in a world that has so much to offer.

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A Few Of My Fabulous Follies


omg::::::::::::::::::Cupcake Envy  is a like a kind of Heaven inside your mouth.


Best Mini Series:     “I Claudius” will blow your  silk skirt off into Timbuktu.  I called in sick to watch the last episode.  Naughty girl.   Brilliant piece of work.  I-Claudius is a  C-C-C-lassic.“I Claudius”

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My Love Affair With Sex and The City

JANUARY 5, 2010

~~~~I have been known to obsess over things….become addicted to this and that, that and this. 

   What a shocker.

For example,  I wore out my Robin Thicke CD;   my “Immaculate Conception” cassette (yes, cassette)  by Ms. Madonna has unraveled, and I can’t keep chocolate in the house without devouring every last rotten good for nothin’  fabulous piece. 

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