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My African Queen

{Rememeber I had mentioned  that I receive an abundance of council from others during this horrible time of  massive  mourning?  
One such “giver of words”  is from my pen pal, Mercy, from Kisumu, Kenya.  She is 22 years old and  is overflowing with wisdom, intelligence, wit, and  beauty.   We have know one another for over three years.  She was living in a hut near Lake Victoria when we first began corresponding….
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Kila mtu atabeba msalaba wake by Mercy Adhiambo

{~~This gorgeous  essay won a prestigious award in Kenya.  I am proud to say that the author is my friend, daughter, and  sister whom I love, love, love (Yes, More than Chocolate) I love you, Mercia.}

mercy3.jpgMercy Adhiambo. Kisumu, Kenya

Kila mtu atabeba msalaba wake

~~No quote beats my grandma’s mantra as we grew up – Kila mtu atabeba msalaba wake… every person shall carry her own cross. Her words like blowing wind would go…nothing more, nothing less. Just that quote that she used when addressing all situations. Like the instance when she declared my favorite garlic a banned substance in our home saying that the onion fueled sexual libidos. Girls who ate garlic ended up getting pregnant when young- either a girl had her clitoris chopped off, or stopped eating garlic. Not in so many words when I pushed her, but true to tradition she would say  Kila mtu atabeba msalaba wake…” The words stuck with me and I would always remember them later in life when in catch 22 situations. Imprinted in my mind. In her subtle yet gentle voice, she would talk about crosses and consequences.

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