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8 People Who Blow My Tiger Socks Off!

Having influence is not about elevating self, but about lifting others.

Sheri Dew



Elizabeth Berg: I’ve termed Berg my hot fudge sundae author, which means her words taste good and cause you to say Ahhhh, Ooooo, Yessss. I’ve read all of her books more than once, including Talk before Sleep, The Day I Ate Whatever I wanted, Pull of the Moon, Open House & Home Safe. She says what women want to say before we say it. ( Pull of the Moon is my favorite )

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I. Am. Somebody.


~I am somebody with a purpose who desires to tell her story.—Kim Sisto Robinson


I. Am.  Somebody.

I am the daughter of a high school dropout, a stay at home mother, a chocolate chip cookie maker, a hugger, a mouth kisser, a Jesus lover, and she adored me before I inhaled my first breath.  At 16 years old,  I became her Master Class.  And she became my hero.

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Chicks Who Rock

Pray For Kenzie

{This post is from my dear friend, Cheryl Lewis.  She is a ghost writer, a prayer warrier, a lover,  a mother, and an angel on earth.

She heals, inspires, and wraps her beautiful words around others.  This seems to be her mission in life….

 In other words…. She “WALKS THE WALK.” 

 I love you, Cheryl.  You inspire me.}  Read below about Kenzie.


Update: Following Kenzie’s successful surgery last month to remove one of 3 brain tumors, 11 new ones were found and have been tackled by additional GammaKnife surgery. The tumor that was removed is returning. She is uncomfortable and experiencing numbness in her arms, which may be a side effect of her tumors. On Friday, doctors will decide whether further radiation is possible. If not, she will begin processing for her final “Make a Wish” requests. (I have to stop here for a second to regroup. BREATHE!) Her parents hope to bring her back to our family’s cabin soon. She really wanted to build a snowman, so I’m gonna squelch my fierce wish for an early summer and pray for another cold blast. I still know that God can stretch His healing hand across this precious child’s body and she can live. Here’s what I also know: doctors are unable to cure her. If she lives, it is His doing. If she doesn’t, it will mean His plan for her will still be fulfilled. In her six years, her life will impact more people than mine ever will, so I refuse to second guess Him. She is the most courageous and joyous person I’ve ever known and, if I can be like her in any way, I’ll count me and those around me blessed. Kenzie is my hero and always will be!


~~~~Kenzie has been battling a rare form of cancer for two years and, during our visit, I gave her a Build-a-Bear that our 6th-grade small group created to comfort her. She is a vibrant little girl and ALWAYS laughing! She especially loves to dance – and flirt with college boys! Her story is at

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