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Christian Grey Meets Mrs. Robinson



—Sometimes,  not always, I appreciate the act of multi-tasking.  For example,  I find eating dark chocolate and reading a kick ass book simultaneously quite exuberating or listening to music. A piece of Dove chocolate for every five pages until the bag is gone or the book is finished is what I call F. U. N.   I adore listening to audio books,  like Rob Lowe’s,  Love Life, while walking outdoors.  When Rob talks about plastic Hollywood and Saint Elmo’s Fire, it is oh-so-delicious.  Seriously,  there is something utterly approachable and sexy about him.  Do you agree?
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Wicked Charlie


~As soon as we land in Vegas,  a hundred cell phones begin beeping, clicking, singing.

People cannot wait to connect with the external world.

Mr. Liverpool is on the phone while the plane is still rolling on the runway.

“What?  You mean they had to amputate it?”  I hear him saying.

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Incident on Flight 705


I do. not. like. to. fly.


It just doesn’t seem natural to me, ya know?  Being stuck up in the air with a bunch of strangers all breathing in the same sour air.

And I ask myself questions like this:  What happens if the plane runs out of gas?   What if the pilot & co-pilot fall the sleep?   What if we the dude sitting in the third seat down from me resembling Bin Laden is a terrorist?

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Accidental Insights

~Humor is the affectionate communication of insight—Leo Rosten



  • Arrogant people who park in 2 parking spaces are the same people who go home after work and kick the dog.   Assholes.


  • Thelma & Louis were total idiots.  Why didn’t they book that hotel room with Brad Pitt for at least a week before they committed suicide? Sarandon and Davis as "Thelma & Louise"

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