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I. Am. Somebody.


~I am somebody with a purpose who desires to tell her story.—Kim Sisto Robinson


I. Am.  Somebody.

I am the daughter of a high school dropout, a stay at home mother, a chocolate chip cookie maker, a hugger, a mouth kisser, a Jesus lover, and she adored me before I inhaled my first breath.  At 16 years old,  I became her Master Class.  And she became my hero.

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In Memory of Kay Kim's Blogs

10 Lies Abusers Will Tell You


 No More– “he had a bad childhood, or “he was depressed,” or “he couldn’t help himself.”  NO. MORE.—-Kim Sisto Robinson


My sister & soul-mate

My sister & soul-mate


  1.  I was just kidding. 


It’s a LIE.  Hurting another person is NEVER a joke (verbally or physically)

Maya Angelou said: “ “When someone shows you who they are, believe them; the first time.”

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You Like Me, You Really Like Me (validating ourselves thru social media)







“Social Media isn’t about “reach” as much as it is about “reach out”.” ― Michele Jennae






It’s like being back in high school.  Those same feelings.  Those same insecurities.  The popular girls whispering secrets in the hallway, snickering,  tossing long blond hair,  disregarding, aloof, arctic ice.



I don’t know about you,  but I recall those days of not belonging, not fitting in,  not being enough.  Weird Goth girl.  Too much ebony eye-liner.  An abundance of lipstick.  Hiding behind words.

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