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Winning Submission for My Inner Chick



We need writers who fear nothing ― Yevgeny Zamyatin



The submissions for “I RISE” were numerous and beautiful and transformative.  Thank You.  Thank you for your words, your hearts,  your souls,  your blood.  By sharing your stories,  you give others permission to share their stories.   I believe this with my entire being.  If you’re wondering what your purpose on earth is,  perhaps it is telling your stories to the world,  darlings.

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Slices Of Soul

~Anyone Can Write. Really?

Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down The Bones, says anyone can become a writer.

Sorry Nat, I disagree.

That’s sort of like implying anyone can fly with the Blue Angels,

Or anyone can audition out for the Bolshoi Ballet,

Or anyone can become President of the United States.

It’s simply not realistic.

Sure, one can take lessons, learn the techniques, memorized the steps, & study the electrical panels, but without passion and slices of soul, without lungs and heart, one is, well, merely ordinary.

I ask you: Is ordinary enough? Is ordinary what you want?

What I mean is, do you write dishonestly, mindlessly, without blood?

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