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In Memory of Kay

And I Fall On My Knees


~~~My sister used to say more than once…. “Kim, if anything ever happens to me, you must take  my journals.  If you don’t want them, burn them!  Promise me.”

I never, in a million years, in my wildest dreams, in my conscious or unconscious mind,  thought I’d end up with her  journals.

    But I have them.  All of them.  Every damn entry since 1985.

When I swallow her words and sentences and discontentment’s up (a little at a time, or I’d die), I feel her breath smelling sweet and soft like sugar upon my skin;  I feel her tears intermingling with mine;   I hear her sigh that sigh, that silky, satiny sigh;  I feel her heart pressed against mine pounding, pounding as it did when we her kids hidden under our blanket-tent.

I hear her whispering:      Save me.      Save me      Save me.

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“Wit” Is Unbelievably Unforgettable.

~~I can quite honesty confess that this scene from the Pulitzer winning play “Wit will move you from your seat.  

Wit was written by Margaret Edson;   she states, “This play is about knowledge, grace, and redemption.

In this clip you will observe Emma Thomson who plays Professor Vivian Bearing being  visited by her old college professor, whom she’s never particularly liked.   I found this scene especially powerful and moving because we cannot comprehend who our angels will be during our darkest hours….

I know during my dark days, I have been quite surprised by the amazing encouragers and mentors who have come forward.

 Sometimes the one  we least expect to love us will be the person who will hold our hand in the end.

 Vivian Bearing in dying of ovarian cancer.  After watching this scene, I thought about it for several days afterwards. 

 Stunning.     Dazzling.     Potent.    Unforgettable. Beautiful.

~~~Wit:  Wit by Margaret Edson | Rebecca Reads