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My Life So Far…

~As I look back on my life so far, everything I’ve experienced has directed me onto the path I am on now—-Kim Sisto Robinson





I come from Minnesota, Nassau, Bahamas, & Carnival Cruise Lines….

…where I drank long island teas, goombay smashes, and dealt black jack to movie stars like Telly Savalas, Louis Gosset Jr., rich oil tycoons, and dirty old men who blew raspberry scented smoke into my face at the old Playboy Club. Once- a man grabbed my ass; so the manager, Orlando Pastrana, ran over and told the creep to “LEAVE MY HOUSE Now!” I appreciated the gesture, although I could’ve protected myself, even at 20 years old.

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5 Of My Favorite, Groovy, Awe-Inspired Things


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  1. HANDMAID’S TALE:  Okay, I know I’m repeating myself; I tend to do this…but Atwood really speaks to me, to my soul; her words, sentences, strong female characters, metaphor, and prophesy kick my ass. This novel started out as science fiction, but ended up as non-fiction in 2017.  Frightening, right? Read it and find out for yourselves—OR WATCH the series on HULU. This has won every award and deserves the accolades! Belieeeeve me.

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We Are Not What We Think We Are, We Are What We Hide

We are not what we think we are, we are what we hide.” – Andre Malraux Tattoos Still the Kiss of death in the Work Place?



~Beneath his grey, sharkskin Ralph Lauren suit, I hear from a dependable source, perhaps somebody who knew him in a past life, an uninhibited life, that his arms are rich and fiery and rebelliously covered with tattoos: sleeves of black, blue, red, skin of verse, inky maps of who he truly is, or was, or wants to become. Again.

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