~Without distractions, green pastures, and still waters,  I’d weep ceaselessly day and night over your deep absence, my
dear, sister.  –K. S. R.


For Example,  a few of my distractions are:    Planning the Kay Marie Sisto Memorial Walk :  Kay\’s Story On Fox News

–Baking Cinnamon Rolls on Sunday Just for the Smell of it.

Taking photos of Bizzy & Charlie trying to keep warm in 50 below weather.

I loooooved when my friend from the ship, Terri, sent me this photo from the Carnival Cruise Lines.  What was I writing!?

Finding a Birthday Card from My Soul Mate, Kay.

Finding a new photo of Kay on a friend’s facebook page which was taken 1 week before her murder.

Books!  Books!

Attending a book signing of my beautiful friend, Joe.  His first book is: Help Me Live As I Die

Recieving Letters & Photos  from Ed….who recieved Kay’s Lungs.   Info here about Organ Donation


Good Friends



Dear, Reader,  What Are Some of Your Still Waters?

Love Love Love  xxxXX

NOTES:  Please check your blogs for my comments.  I am being flagged as SPAM.  Damn those Spam People.

Much more info will be coming out about Kay’s Walk.  Please contact me w/ ANY questions. We want to raise LOOOTS  of awareness & money for domestic abuse!!!