Distractions, Green Pastures, & Still Waters


~Without distractions, green pastures, and still waters,  I’d weep ceaselessly day and night over your deep absence, my
dear, sister.  –K. S. R.


For Example,  a few of my distractions are:    Planning the Kay Marie Sisto Memorial Walk :  Kay\’s Story On Fox News

–Baking Cinnamon Rolls on Sunday Just for the Smell of it.

Taking photos of Bizzy & Charlie trying to keep warm in 50 below weather.

I loooooved when my friend from the ship, Terri, sent me this photo from the Carnival Cruise Lines.  What was I writing!?

Finding a Birthday Card from My Soul Mate, Kay.

Finding a new photo of Kay on a friend’s facebook page which was taken 1 week before her murder.

Books!  Books!

Attending a book signing of my beautiful friend, Joe.  His first book is: Help Me Live As I Die

Recieving Letters & Photos  from Ed….who recieved Kay’s Lungs.   Info here about Organ Donation


Good Friends



Dear, Reader,  What Are Some of Your Still Waters?

Love Love Love  xxxXX

NOTES:  Please check your blogs for my comments.  I am being flagged as SPAM.  Damn those Spam People.

Much more info will be coming out about Kay’s Walk.  Please contact me w/ ANY questions. We want to raise LOOOTS  of awareness & money for domestic abuse!!!



In Memory of Kay Kim's Blogs


  1. Red Dwyer says:

    Hanging new canvases which were part of my retail therapy today.
    Books…mine and everyone else’s.
    Mardi Gras Trees.
    Potato soup with homemade donuts for dessert.
    Knowing someone out there loves me…even if I cannot reach out and touch.

    MuchmuchmuchMUCH Love <3
    Red Dwyer recently posted..Muse for MondayMy Profile

  2. Goodness and Grit says:

    I love that you are in touch with Kay’s lungs! Your posts never cease to amaze me!

    As for My still waters:
    Three entertaining children and a Dream Baby that travels to London for work which makes 3 kids seem like 6. A children’s book written by me that caught the attention of an agent! However, said agent passed out of fear that rhyming books are outdated. Wuss. (I will eventually get out of my hole)
    Yoga. I’m teaching more, yielding better and more routine sleep, thus less writing. And finally…
    Sex in the City has started new in Norway. Season 1 episode 3 tonight. I love hanging out with my make believe friends!

    Goodness and Grit recently posted..On Foreign SoilMy Profile

      • Goodness and Grit says:

        1- book is a picture book for the very young. A bedtime story I hope toddlers will someday want to have read to them over and over. It’s written in rhyme, Seuss style, and very few agents are interested in rhyming stories anymore. But I love the story, and will keep trying.

        2-The night we moved to Norway was the night the last episode of S and the C aired. I was so sad to miss it. Felt I had lost my friends. I bought the box all episodes, but took years to finally watch the last episode because I didn’t want it to end. I am a sad, sad case:)

        3-when I had positive response from an agent, I began focusing upon my children’s books. Editing and re editing the 4 I have written, then she changed her mind:( weirdo.

        4-I have NEVER been to London! This must change!

        Goodness and Grit recently posted..Morning BlissMy Profile

  3. Barbara says:

    It is so amazing you were able to stay in touch with Kim’s lungs recipient. I am so pro organ donation. As for my still waters…

    My sweet, beautiful, crazy dogs.


    Writing…can’t imagine not writing…and creating art, whether painting or collage or floral design…I’m always creating something.

    and staying in touch with my favorite bloggers…like YOU.

    FYI I checked my spam folder and found nothing, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

    Barbara recently posted..The NRA, The FDA, and MeMy Profile

  4. Lovely quote, Kim.

    I can’t imagine how jarring it must be to come across a new-to-you picture of Kay on Facebook now, and I can imagine how heartening and yet heartbreaking it must be to hear from the man who received new life through the donation of Kay’s lungs. Bittersweet to the nth degree, chiquitita.

    We have similar distractions. My go-to options are:

    cooking (I made fat-free vegan butternut squash risotto last night)
    family and friends

    Not necessarily in that order. ;-)

    Love. xoxo
    Ellen M. Gregg recently posted..I Have a DreamMy Profile

  5. Jodene says:

    Watching my three boys and reveling in the miracle of life – no one (okay, besides dad) will know these people the way I do – from the time they were hiccuping in the womb to the first breathe of life – so amazing!

    I love the picture of Ed – there are so many ways that Kay lives on. I hope the walk is a wild and wonderful success ~

  6. I’ve enjoyed reading the blogs Kim, and wow! How surreal it must be to see the man who received Kay’s lungs. Some of my distractions and still waters. Watching my goldfish with the aquarium light on, resting my cheek on my purring cat, good humored co workers, making waffles on this cold day away from work with dried cranberries and walnuts.

    Annette Molitor recently posted..Distractions, Green Pastures, & Still WatersMy Profile

  7. Monica says:

    Oh Kim, this is so lovely and sweet. I love that you’re in touch with the man who received Kay’s lungs. How precious is that! I’m so impressed with your spirit and drive to find meaning in the senseless. You are a wonder, Kim. Best of luck with Kay’s Walk!
    Monica recently posted..My Mother’s Sewing MachineMy Profile

  8. This is hitting home in a big way…a very close friend whose daughter was killed in a car accident just received the name and info about the recipient of her daughter’s heart. Another person’s info is coming – the recipient of her daughter’s lungs.

    Cat had massive head injuries so many organs were donated. It’s such a great gesture; yet it can be kinda weird. My friend said, “I don’t how I will handle it if not one person says at least one thing that signifies the organ belonged to C-A-T!!”

    May your walk surpass expectations, Kim!
    Amy@SoulDipper recently posted..Blog of the Year Award – One Amongst EqualsMy Profile

  9. A thousand kisses and hugs for you Kim. How wonderful that Kay lives on in the very generous idea of organ donation. People need to know that it really saves lives. Oh and I have to say that I loved this line: “Baking Cinnamon Rolls on Sunday Just for the Smell of it.” xxx
    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella recently posted..The Animal, NewtownMy Profile

  10. Journals
    Family (sometimes)
    Acupuncture and pain relief
    Going back to the gym (yesterday made me happy)
    Knowing I am loved by someone even when I can’t touch them
    Looking a pictures of those who are away from me
    Reading the thoughts of others and growing through them

    Kay, you are one of my still waters!

    When is the Memorial Walk? You know I have several friends in your part of the country, perhaps depending on timing it will be a good time for me to make a trip up there. I would love to take part if my body is ready.

    XXX Val OOO
    Valentine Logar recently posted..Words Painful LexiconsMy Profile

  11. Joe Peterson says:

    Thank YOU Kim! I am honored to be part of this particular blog. As I began to read, I imagined Kay smiling upon you. As we make our way through the rubble, I feel we both are reminding others to focus on the good… I hope you feel as proud as I do :)
    Love U Kim

  12. Joe Peterson says:

    Thank YOU Kim! I am honored to be part of this particular blog. As I began to read, I imagined Kay smiling upon you. As we make our way through the rubble, I feel we both are reminding others to focus on the good… I hope you feel as proud as I do :)
    Love U Kim

  13. My goodness, what a lovely list of things to look at this post contained. What can I remember without scrolling back up again, ( and remembering I have rather a small brain ). Well who could forget the two cats. The birthday card to your sister which is full of the loving and giving emotions I would expect of you. The picture of you on the cruise liner, ( looking a bit scrumptious if I might say so ( apologies to Mr Liverpool ), Sylvia Plath who I always loved. The Baking and the picture of you with your good friends. Lovely disparate memories of a full and generous life. Thankyou very much for sharing. Regarding Football by the way. I’m pretty keen on Football. Watching it down the pub, with a sausage sandwich and a pint or three of beer is one of my favourite things. Next time I will raise a glass to Mr L
    countingducks recently posted..A Raindrops HeritageMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      have i told you lately that you are AwwwwwWESOME?!

      sausage sandwich– OH YESSsss, baby.
      do you like black pudding? I LOooove. Xxxxx

  14. Some of my still waters…
    Feeling and hearing my cats purr and feel them brushing up against my leg when they want a treat
    Having a successful cooking or baking day
    Taking photographs, hundreds of photographs
    Organising and planning and tiding things – odd I know but oh so wonderful
    Being quiet
    Feeling the warmth of summers sun on my skin
    Knowing that my husband adores and loves me beyond distraction

    GORGEOUS shot of you writing years ago Kim. You should have it printed on canvas – BIG – and hang it where you can see it every day all day.

    Love and light to you from across the ocean friend,
    :-) Mandy xoxoxo
    Mandy – The Complete Cook Book recently posted..Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book – Part 16My Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      I adore your still waters. CATS purring. I do so much enjoy that. Calming. Lovely.

      Love to you, my sweet from MN. Xxxx

  15. What a beautiful quote. I’ve always found simple writing to be the most powerful.

    Planning Kay’s memorial walk sounds like a purposeful distraction to me; wonderful way to commemorate her and create change.

    What happened to Obama? (your cat I mean). My still waters include putting my head on my golden’s chest at night and listening to her breathe. I find it so grounding.

    I can smell those delightful cinnamon buns from here – (and they don’t smell like an apple or an orange ;-)).

    Cheers to your beautiful distractions – xo.
    Kelly @ Inspired Edibles recently posted..Green Smoothie Ice CreamMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Beautiful Kelly,

      we brought OBAMA to an animal sancuary w/ heated floors etc! He is even w/ rabbits!

      I hope he is happy there. He deserved LOoooooooooooVE.

      Xxxxx So many kisses flowing to Canada.

  16. Kelley says:

    This was beautiful!! I really love the card from your sister. The fact that Kay continues to give her life through her lungs is amazing and beautiful, too. Thank you for sharing that with me!!
    Kelley recently posted..He is my gold.My Profile

  17. Two things made my heart stop in this post, Kim. The first was Kay’s card – so filled with tender love. I don’t have a sister and don’t have that kind of bond, but know that yours was way beyond sisters. The second was the picture of Ed. I didn’t know of your family’s generosity in donating Kay’s organs and then to be in touch with one of the recepients must give rise to so many mixed emotions.
    My admiration for you and your family grows……

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Ed makes me happy. I love the idea of Kay living thru him. Still.
      Ed also talks to many groups about organ donation.

      That, my dear, gives Kay’s death meaning.

      Xxxx Love.

  18. Such beautiful still waters in your life, Kim! Mine are looking out my window at the view, writing, reading, taking photos. Now you have made me lust after cinna-buns, you naughty girl. How beautiful & lucky is Ed. And congratulations to Joe on his book. Thanks for a heart-warming post, Kim. xxxxxxxxx
    Jann Huizenga recently posted..Sicilian Walls: Fine Art?My Profile

  19. Ex-squeeze-me!? Did we forget something? Where is the link to the recipe for your delish looking cin rolls? Hmmm?

    My Still Waters.
    Books and books and books (btw, how many cookbooks do YOU have?). And books.
    Music, worshipful, peaceful, zenful then banging blues, jazz and fonk. Oh, OK some older 60′s rock and roll. A girl’s gotta dance around the house!
    Singing – to God and to Alpha Hubby, leading praise & worship, and to my shower walls which have amazing accoustics!
    True Love Movies and Stories – have you ever seen Ladyhawke? No? Oh see it, see it! A manly hero Rutger Hauer, A luminous young Michelle Pfeiffer. A hysterical and young Matthew Broderick.
    Tea cups, old and delicate and fragile but strong enough to use, tea pots and fascinating new teas.
    And first and foremost, Alpha Hubby, who wraps me up in warm, warm love so no cold can ever crackle my heart again! He’s actually my only Still Water – everything else is just lagniappe!

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      ***Tea cups, old and delicate and fragile but strong enough to use**

      I Love that, Nan.

      Sending you hugs from MN> Xxxxx

  20. Lady Jennie says:

    Hello lovely,

    So much pain and sweetness and ordinariness all in one post. Isn’t it strange how life keeps going on in all of its richness?

    Okay, so my still waters … laughing with my husband, reading Georgette Heyer (pure fluff, but innocent fluff), drinking that first black cup of coffee for the day, my puppy, when he actually sits still for a sweet minute, the brightness that is my childrens’ faces, the cliffs and salty air in Bretagne each summer … these sort of things.

    Lady Jennie recently posted..ShatteredMy Profile

  21. Debbie says:

    I love that you’re in touch with Kay’s lung recipient — somehow, just knowing that a part of her lives on, in a person who’s alive because of her gift, is special! And I love your distraction of cinnamon buns. My still waters are actually similar: writing, reading, my Darling Doggie, My Favorite Domer, the rest of my family and friends, my beading, my music, golf, and tennis. Sigh, when will it get warm again?!
    Debbie recently posted..Healing Beads for a FriendMy Profile

  22. Laci says:

    Oh my goodness, tears started streaming down my face when I got to the picture of Ed. How very special that he writes. How very special that he lives.

    My family, my friends, my dogs help me. Crazy, I know. But there is something about them that they help me through. Writing and reading are also helpful to me. And of course a bottle of Moscato never hurt anything.

    Sending love.
    Laci recently posted..The Ugly “C” WordMy Profile

  23. Vidya Sury says:

    You are so beautiful. I know the feeling of coming across snippets of the past…each time I go through my Mom’s shelves I find something new. I recently found another diary of hers and have been feeling enveloped in love. Sigh. I always marvel at how life goes on and how we sometimes mourn deeply inside, simply because others just won’t get it.

    Love you Kim. Love this post. I am hugging my Tshirt to myself! Hugs!
    Vidya Sury recently posted..India Celebrates Her 64th BirthdayMy Profile

  24. I love how you share your memory of your sister in your posts ~ so heartfelt. She lives on through your writing and that is a wonderful tribute. We all need our ‘still waters’ to restore our soul. Thank you for sharing some of yours!
    Wishing you lots of success on your walk for your very important cause.
    Love Carolyn xo
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..Why did you leave?My Profile

  25. Aurora HSP says:

    Your pages are one of my still waters. Always a reminder that I am one of the lucky ones. Wish I could ease your pain in some small way… I was teary reading the opening. Loss never goes away, we just have to get used to life in a world without them. May you find many more places to rest your weary heart and soul. I love your treasures you shared with us, always an honor to see your inner world. Love,
    J xo <3 <3 <3

  26. Brenda says:

    Finding a new story
    Discovering a character in an unexpected place
    Books – how can they not be
    Lanky with come-hither
    A blank page
    Find beauty in the unexpected
    Reading your posts about Kay
    Brenda recently posted..I Have Loved YouMy Profile

  27. Pratibha says:

    Very touching…Very very touching. Donating organ is such a beautiful thing…Its amazing to see her organs continuing to live long after her. The birthday card also totally got me.

    Best wishes
    Pratibha recently posted..India In SlumberMy Profile

  28. Kim Gagnon says:

    Love your blogs!
    Mine are family and friends, my books, your blogs, baseball and fishing. I love sun rises and sunsets, watching an eagle fly above and silently watch deer frolic and chase each other around . An oldie song from the past that brings me back to that moment, holding hands with my guy while watching TV, the sweet smell of moss as I’m hiking. So many but the best is all the Good memories from my life. Xoxoxo K

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