{–My sweet sweet Kay- Polishing My Toenails-}

~~After Kay’s murder, we’ve all
coped (slightly) and survived (faintly)  in different, unique ways.

{Beautiful Kay}

As for me– I scream, weep, buy recipe books, cry out to God, and write, write,

endless, ceaseless, torrential words sorrow.

My daddy works out at the gym, has huge Italian dinners, & catches fish
that he usually throws back in the water.

Saint Shirley, as you might already know, bakes chocolate chip cookies,
homemade chocolate cakes & buttermilk delights.

My brother, Alan, sets the tread mill on fire and pumps lots of iron.

Kay’s son, Jordan, studies.



Kay’s dream for him was to
become a doctor.


Anyhow, without further ado,

Here is  Jordan\’s Interview For Fox News Love you, Jordan K. xx

Dear Reader,  The Kay Marie Sisto Memorial Walk is this Sunday, May 20th. on the Waterfront Trail @ 1:00.  Be there at noon to pick up your t-shirts or just come to be present.

Thank you to all of my Angels for your support, kindness, generosity, time,  encouragement, prayers,  chocolate chip cookies, cards, martinins, and love love love.   You all Amaaaaze me, give me hope, &  spur me onward…  Large Pink Glitter Lips