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{  Mrs. E.— otherwise known as Mrs. Jean Queen— Just Bought These Jeans “ON SALE” for  $160.00 }



~~~Are you a snob when it comes to jeans?


What I mean is—



do you only buy brands like Miss Me, Big Star, or Rock Revival?


Do you elevate your nose and scoff at a woman who doesn’t
have a designer name on her pocket?


If so, you might be considered a Jean Queen.


Lets take a moment to gossip about Mrs. E.


Because she’s at the Top of this list.


In fact, she may have invented the list.


I heard of a little episode recently, which I’ll share with
my readers.


The story goes something like this


Mrs. Jean Queen is at her son’s basketball game with her


And  this chick walks
by who is wearing a HOT pair of jeans.


You know the type I’m talking about.


The sort of jeans with the glittery jeweled pockets.


Anyhow, Mrs. Jean Queen begins
hyperventilating from excitement & desire.


“Hurry, grab your phone and get a picture of  those
jeans!” she squeals to her husband.


“Are you serious?” He says.


“Yeah, I’m seeeeerious.” She says.


He snaps a quick picture.


“Are you sure you got the brand name?” She asks.


“I’m pretty sure.” He responds.


Isn’t he a nice guy?




As soon as Mrs. Jean Queen gets home, she sprints to the computer
like a bat out of hell to Google “Red Rivet.”

Yes, there they were!
“I found them,” she yells out to her husband.
And to her Great surprise, they sold at Walmart for $14.00.
Guess What, Mrs. Jean Queen?
You could have saved yourself $150 Dollars!
Red Rivet - Juniors Wide...(Red Rivit, 14.99!)
Moral to the story: It’s not the label on the ass of the jeans that counts;
It’s how good the ass looks inside those jeans.
~~Dear, Reader,  Are you a Jean Queen Snob?
pink lips xxX
Hey, Mrs. E.  I still love you even though you are a Jean Snob!