My Favorite Commercial, Gaga, & 50 Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey     (daddy, skip
this part, please)

If you haven’t heard about ‘50 Shades of Grey’ yet, I assume
you’ve been on vacation in some faraway land, like, Timbuckfuckingtoo.


Everybody is talking about it.  All the women’s book clubs are reading
it.  And several of the women I know are
already on their 3rd book of the series.


It’s burning up  bedrooms all over the country with silver balls, whips, ice-cream, and red lipstick….


One of my friends admits,
“I’m blushing & feel guilty reading this!”


That’s okay, honey, we all know you’re a very naughty girl.




In the nutshell,  it’s
about this rich- as-hell Greek God named Mr. Grey who is 50 shades of  dysfunctional,  masochistical,  & dictatorial wickedness.


But it’s more than that,
or women wouldn’t be soaring  to
the bookshelves….They can’t keep 50 Shades on the shelves.


The author,  EL James,
has hit a female nerve.  Big time.  Even Good Morning America & Dr. Drew are
discussing it on their shows.  Oh, & she just sighed the movie rights for LOTS of money.


EL’s  followers have termed  her books,  “Mommy

Yeah, the writing is corny & clichéd.    And
if I hear ‘My Inner Goddess’ one more time, I may go maaaaad…


But I just ordered the 3rd book for my Kindle, as well.

O0000h, Myyyyy!

~~~~I Dig This
Commercial  ( Fab )


~~~~I looooove this Motivational Speech By Gaga

~~~Dear Reader,  Have you read 50 Shades?  If so, what are your thoughts?   Why do you think this book hit a nerve w/ women?



~~Do you have a
question for “50 Shades of Grey” author EL James? Tell ABC News!

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  1. Vidya Sury says:

    :-) Fan Fiction. I saw a review of this on Lynn’s site (All Fooked Up) and found it quite hilarious. This is a take off by the fans of the Twilight series. (Should I be spanked for the spoiler?) I think the book cover is cool, isn’t it? Your “review” is hilarious.

    That commercial is cool – I was wondering where it is going :D

    Gaga always rules. Just looking at the number of people assembled there is mind-blowing!

    Still laughing over your comments about 50 shades of Mr.Grey…Hugs, Kim! Love ya!
    Vidya Sury recently posted..Quest For CoolMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      She does. She just sighned a huge movie deal.

      The writing is quite midiocre, but the sex is gquite ood <3 Xx

  2. Kim, I read “50″ but all the hyper-sexuality started to bore me after a while. Here we have this 21 year old virgin (already asking me to suspend belief), who turns into a kinky submissive in about 5 minutes flat. Whoa!

    I adore that Fiat ad. And Gaga! Two out of three ain’t bad as Meatloaf says!
    Linda Medrano recently posted..Do It Badly, But Do It!My Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      I agree…

      I don’t know why I kept on reading! I guess I wanted to know if Mr. Grey changed.

      You. Rock. Like. Gaga. <3 Xx

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      I am not sure why this book is doing so well…

      The writing is not mind-blowing, but there is something….

      Perhaps we all just desire to read a bit of FLUFF & Shit. Xx

  3. Ellen says:

    Working in the publishing industry, 50 Shades has been enjoying a huge amount of “air time” (and blog time, and review time, and…). Did you know it started life as Twilight fan fiction? It is on my TBR list, and I anticipate regularly scheduled cold showers. ;-)

    The commercial is charming and, ultimately, hilarious. As for Lady Gaga, I am such a fan of her music, and her mission.

    Enjoy this lovely day, Kim! :-) xoxo
    Ellen recently posted..Eulogy For TitanicMy Profile

  4. Kim,

    I have not read 50 Shades of Grey yet. I’m trying to figure out how to get it on my Kindle w/o my 11-year-old coming across it! :) I’m sure I will. I’ve read bits of it on different sites. The writing is not very good. But who am I to judge? I’d love to have my not-very-good writing hit sales like that. (You know, once it’s published!) But there must be something about it to make it such a hit. (I bet men like it even more than women because I think there’s a lot more sex going on in suburbia right now!)

    The Fiat commercial rocks.

    Lady Gaga rocks. Have you signed up for her website yet?

    Oh, and Kim, you rock most of all!
    Charlene Ross recently posted..If You Believe, He Will ComeMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      The writing is not very good. True.

      But this author hit on something the women like…

      It’s strange. It would be fun to discuss w/ a bunch of people.

      Xxx Love to you, dear.

  5. Lola says:

    Honey, I don’t read porn, I create it. Just without the video cameras and bad music.

    BUT if this book helps to spice up the sex lives of a bunch of horny middle aged women who are a little bored after 10 years or so of the same ole same ole?
    I say, Go Grey!
    Lola recently posted..Circle of Moms Interview!My Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Mama A,
      I soooooooooo agree.

      —-a girl at work gave me her Kindle and said READ THIS…

      or I swear, I would have never read it <3

      Now, I’m a bit hooked.


  6. Oh dear. I hadn’t heard of it either. Had my head up my butt coping with life I guess. I will add it to my someday pile. That said there are fouir very big piles of unread books here already. Sigh.
    Cyber hugs.

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Dearest, Kelly,
      Yes. Explore.

      And cook /bake something that reflects what you’ve read. Haaa.

      I can tell you that they do something w/ vanilla ice-cream. Xxx <3

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      If you have other books on your list, do not waste your time..

      this is more of a summer, fluffy, nothing, sexy read…


  7. Well, I just returned from Timbuckfuckingtoo and must admit that I missed the news about ‘50 Shades of Grey’ — haha! Thank you for updating me! Maybe I’ll take a look at it right after I finish the biography of Abe Lincoln I’m reading ;-)

    I loved the Lady Gaga ad — very INSPIRING! Thanks for being eternally hip and still being friends with me! XOXOX

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      I snickered about you reading the bio of Lincoln…

      ….cuz 50 Shades is soooooo just the opposite of anything decent, historical, or valuble.

      I mean, it’s not going to make you a better human being or anything.

      It is just fun, sexy, and dirty. Haaa


  8. Never heard of the book. I live in the boonies with cows and an Alpha Hubby who keeps me tied up. Literally.
    Saw the commercial; cute for a car that looks like a souped up mini-cooper or a stretch VW
    Except for her potty mouth, loved Gaga’s speech.

    I believe in YOU, Miss Kim.
    nan @ lbddiaries recently posted..From Our House to YoursMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      –Dear B,
      It might give you a few ideas for when he comes home…

      but believe me, it is really OUT THERE. Xxx <3

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      I do not recommend it…

      but I say try it … see if you like it.

      It’s a good summer read. I’d like your book review on it <3 Xxx Kissss

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      it should be out in South Africa. Let me know what you think…

      and remember, it’s not going to win the Pulizer. Xxx Kissss

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      The book is quite sexy, dirty, and not well written…but it has it’s highlights…
      I read that they cannot keep it on the shelves…

      Read it, give your review…. & Cook something reflecting some of the content…

      that would be cool <3 Xx kisss

  9. Dad says:

    Kim, I did as I was told, I did not read 50 shades of grey. I think that fiat commercial was the best
    Super Bowl commercial hands down.
    Love You Better Than The New Fiat

  10. elizabeth says:

    Damnit- I ordered the book! 2 friends, – a man and a woman talked about it with me last week, so I turned off all the lights and ordered on Amazon under and assumed name. :-) xxxx

  11. Kim, I’m absolutely living under a rock–no doubt about it! I never heard of the book, but I know all about the Fiat commercial. Very funny, soooooo Italian. (When I rent a car in Sicily, it’s always a Fiat 500, and I luv it.)
    Jann Huizenga recently posted..Iconic ItalyMy Profile

  12. I’m kind of a geek. I actually hadn’t heard of this book. But I have no doubt that it will be brought up in our book club because, even though I’m totally not aware of what is cool, my girlfriends are:) And we would all love a little spice in our worlds right now! I mean, I would. I would like some spice. Extra heat. Yeah, um, I think I’m revealing a bit much right now:) I will stop there.
    Wild Child Mama recently posted..Subliminal Messages in Cartoons?My Profile

  13. I do so love that commercial…I still crack up every time I watch it.

    I haven’t hear the GaGa song you speak of…I do so love that beautiful voice of hers though.

    God bless ya and have yourself a glorious week sweetie!!!! :o)

  14. Mercy says:

    Am too young to comment on this post. Therefore, I will leave very fast.

    Young young pretty friend from Kenya!

  15. Oh, I caved and sprung for the Grey thing at Costco last weekend. Haven’t read it yet.

    If anyone wants good bondage erotica, let me recommend Roni Loren and Eve Berlin. THEIR books are hot AND well-written.

    Must admire Lady Gaga, in all her translucent plastic glory. Doesn’t look like a real comfy outfit though, does it?
    Beverly Diehl recently posted..A-Z: Crappy Horoscope? Check Out NumerologyMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      I love love love my new Kindle.

      I have the letters large
      and I can Savor them MORE now…. <3

  16. ed pilolla says:

    this book is really hot. it’s interesting to see what catches fire out there. really popular things get the love and the hate. it’s kind of interesting. i agree with you that people like fluff. sounds like it has really tapped into that feminine fantasy of being dominated in the bedroom. i also think it has to be a good storyline, or at least decent, in order to keep people reading.
    ed pilolla recently posted..Are You On Probation Or Parole?My Profile

  17. Jessica says:

    Wait…so, 50 Shades of Grey isn’t some new hair color??? lol. I have been living under a rock. I’ve heard the title thrown out on some of the shows I flip through during the daytime, but I had no idea what they were talking about. It sounds interesting, however. Maybe I’ll check it out.

  18. Ameena says:

    Until about 20 minutes ago, when I read about this book on another blog, I hadn’t heard about it! I guess I HAVE been living under a rock. It’s located at work. :)
    Ameena recently kidsMy Profile

  19. Brenda says:

    I love these sorts of success stories for writers. It’s such a hard industry to break into these because suddenly every one is writing books and blogging, looking for instant stardom. See an writer break is gives me chills. I confess (don’t hate me) I am just not a Gaga fan. I like her voice but she isn’t someone I go out of listen to. Sorry. Love’d the visuals …
    Brenda recently posted..A Woman’s SpiritMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Dear FL.

      Absolutely NOT!

      Shades is a fun read, but not my cuppa tea <3

      My first book will be about my sister Kay! Sisterhood, mourning, domestic violence,……

      Can’t wait to read yours, dear.

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