Shades of Grey     (daddy, skip
this part, please)

If you haven’t heard about ‘50 Shades of Grey’ yet, I assume
you’ve been on vacation in some faraway land, like, Timbuckfuckingtoo.


Everybody is talking about it.  All the women’s book clubs are reading
it.  And several of the women I know are
already on their 3rd book of the series.


It’s burning up  bedrooms all over the country with silver balls, whips, ice-cream, and red lipstick….


One of my friends admits,
“I’m blushing & feel guilty reading this!”


That’s okay, honey, we all know you’re a very naughty girl.




In the nutshell,  it’s
about this rich- as-hell Greek God named Mr. Grey who is 50 shades of  dysfunctional,  masochistical,  & dictatorial wickedness.


But it’s more than that,
or women wouldn’t be soaring  to
the bookshelves….They can’t keep 50 Shades on the shelves.


The author,  EL James,
has hit a female nerve.  Big time.  Even Good Morning America & Dr. Drew are
discussing it on their shows.  Oh, & she just sighed the movie rights for LOTS of money.


EL’s  followers have termed  her books,  “Mommy

Yeah, the writing is corny & clichéd.    And
if I hear ‘My Inner Goddess’ one more time, I may go maaaaad…


But I just ordered the 3rd book for my Kindle, as well.

O0000h, Myyyyy!

~~~~I Dig This
Commercial  ( Fab )


~~~~I looooove this Motivational Speech By Gaga

~~~Dear Reader,  Have you read 50 Shades?  If so, what are your thoughts?   Why do you think this book hit a nerve w/ women?



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