says you can put truth in the grave but it won’t stay there.”
–[Clarence W. Hall]


~ I believe in Resurrection.

Not the kind of Resurrection where I come
back as Queen of England, Lady Gaga, or an African cat

But the kind of Resurrection where, when I
exhale my last breath, quite beautifully, delightfully–

I’m lying on a bed of creamy lilies, lemony
tulips, & mandarin poppies.

The kind of Resurrection where gold sun glitters
all day long

and pearl moon is never sliced in half.

In my Resurrection, everything will be

whole, unbroken, uninterrupted.

Sidewalks will be carved in decedent dark

and the tongues of King David, Lord Byron,
& Emily Dickenson

will flow with sweet verse all thru the

I believe in the kind of Resurrection where
lions purr me to sleep,

rivers whisper prayers, and valleys are benedictions.

In my Resurrection, God will grasp my hand
firmly, unfalteringly.


He will lead me beside the still


He will make me lie down in
green pastures.


He will restore my soul.


At Last.


He will declare,  “Your Sister is waiting for you over there,
my dear.”


When I look where he is pointing,
I see Kay.




Smiling with brilliant pink


I  run to her.


I run run run.


I kiss her all over her cheeks.


Our hair interlaces like brown roots.


And  then we fall into the bed of creamy lilies,
lemony tulips, & mandarin poppies talking all night long.


We have so much to tell one

SOoooo  Much Love to Give….


——Dear Reader,  what will your Paradise/ Resurrection look like?    Do you think there will be chocolate there?!


—My sister, Kay, was murdered by Mike Peterson on May 26, 2010.   The world darkened & shook.   But …. We shall be united once again.—


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