—-”Death is not the greatest loss in life.  The greatest loss is what dies inside while we live..”—-



–It’s rather odd, I know, but I’ve been thinking about you
all day long-


…like a sort of burning sensation traveling thru my body.


Like a sort of love and hate and indifference strung
together with black indistinguishable pearls.


I awoke remembering it was your birthday.


March 31st.


I remembered.


I don’t know why.


I just did.


And it hurt me, stung me, made me feel physical pain.


Deep Inside.


I thought about how Kay used to invite us all over for
chocolate cake, vanilla ice-cream, and marinated grilled chicken.


How she used to make you blow out all of your candles.


“You did it!”  she’d
scream.  “Now make a wish.”


How she’d try to compensate for your anti-social


“Well, are you going to say thank you for the gifts,” she’d say.


How she’d run round the house trying to please everybody.


“Do you want more coffee?
Can I get you some salad?  Take mooore
cake.  We’re not going to eat it all.”


You sat there.  Just sat


Why were you nothing when you could have been something?


A husband.

A father.

A human being.


You had  e v e r y t h i n g.


Three outstanding sons.


And you had  my sister–


You son-of-a-bitch.


You had the kindest, gentlest woman I’ve ever known.




Today I remembered  it
was your birthday.


&  I felt unspeakably sad for you.


So fucking sad that you remained unchanged—


After so many years of

love.  love.   love.


And I felt sorry for your mother.


Knowing she’d awaken sad, too.


Heart-wrenchingly, horridly sad that today is her son’s birthday


But she can’t call him.


Can’t see him.


Because he’s dead and buried—

& decided to take Kay with him, as well.  He took so many of us with him…….


Mike Peterson Murdered my sister, Kay, on May 26, 2010.   We thought he’d change, but he never did.  Today is his birthday……Will you say a prayer for his mother, please? I hear she is having a very hard time.


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