been  629 days since I’ve seen your
beautiful- beaming face, my dear sister.

I have so much to tell you, so much to say,
so much to express.

For example, Mike murdered you.

The  abuser fucker executed you inside your own

But I suppose you already know that.

Don’t you?

Remember when I told you that he probably
dug a grave for you in the back garden?

And we laughed.

I’m not laughing anymore.


Did you know a mere human being
can actually cry for

one. year. strait?


I did.


I am.


Forever.  Always.


I’ll never let you go.


Never, never let you go.


Not as long as have a pulse
& blood inside my body.


I had a dream you were sitting at
Saint Shirley’s kitchen table.


I walked in and screamed:  “What Are You Doing Here!  Where Have You Been!”


I ran to you and began kissing
you all over your cheeks.


You smelled of lilacs, wind, &

something else.


“Where have you been? Why didn’t
you tell me you were leaving?”  I repeated.


“You know where I’ve been.”  You answered.


That was all.


I drove up to the cemetery after
work today.


Snow covered your entire


I brushed it off & stood
under your tree for a long time.


I just stood there with half a
prayer caught inside my throat…

My best friend, sister,  & soul mate was executed by Mike Peterson 629 Days Ago.   The sun glitters much differently now.

800-799-SAFE (7233) or at TTY 1-800-787-3224.

In Memory of Kay

CLick for help if you are being physically abused, verbally abused,

emotionally abused, belittled, diminished, finacially abused,

sexually abused, or  minimized in any way…>>pink lips Xxx