~~Dear, Mr. Liverpool,


1.    I love
that you see me.


You know,  without
makeup.  Hideous and Stinky.  Hair piled unwashed and uncombed.   Me.  The unpainted version of me. The real me.  The muted me….. & still,  you love.


2.    I love your British accent wrapping around
me like the 4 Beatles.


3.     I love that you pretend to get pleasure from
burnt bacon on Saturday mornings.


4.     I love that when I burst into tears
mid-sentence because of Kay’s murder, you gaze at me with tender, knowing, sugary


5.      I love that you read every. single. blog.
I write.


And even though you discipline me sometimes for my sweltering,
spontaneous, straightforward tone, you never judge  me.  Never.


6.      I love that you support my “Writing”


7.      I love that you’ve attended each one of
my poetry readings, poetry recitals, & domestic violence causes.   Always, without question.  I see you sitting there smiling.


8.      I love that you never leave the table
without saying “thank you” for your meal…even when it’s overcooked,
undercooked, & shockingly, charcoaly  appalling.


Is that a British trait, mate?


9.      I love that after all of these years, even when I’ve asked, you’ve
never told me my ass was big.


You are an exceptionally intelligent man.


10.     I love that you love me.


In spite of everything,
In spite of everything.

—–Dear, pink lips Reader,  what are some things you “love” about your lovaaah?

-The first song we danced to in Mexico.   Remember, dear?    You couldn’t keep your hands off of me :)