Two Popular Blogging Trends I Shant Be Doing


——Two Popular Blogging Trends I Shant Be Doing—-



1.  AWARDS:     In the beginning, I accepted a “Versatile & Kreative” Award



I was like the new student in the classroom wanting to
please, wanting to be liked, wanting to fit in.


But I regretted accepting the awards immediately afterwards.


I thought,  how the
hell can I possibly name ( only ) five other blogs I adore—five other blogs
that deserve appreciation?


How can I possibly (even) recognize ten other bloggers who
have rocked my world, soaked into my bones, made me piss my pants with
laughter, and caused me shout (((out loud)))


…like the idiot fool I am…


I get you—I reeeeeally
get you


I Could Not do it.


I Could Not leave

One. Single.  Blogger.


Not One.


Thus,  I declined the
awards explaining why.


I mean, to me, it seemed like selecting a few vibrant crimson
roses out of hundreds.


Are you serious?




So, when you read my blog, you will never witness me ranting
and raving about a particular blogger, or bloggess, or some bitch I’m jealous as hell of.

You know why?


Because I love love
all of you.  All of you.



Am I bad?


Am I a total snot?

Don’t be mad at me.


But I can’t help it.
I get royally pissed off when I click to my beautiful beloved bloggers
and they have strangers on their sites.


Damn them.


It’s like traveling to visit my best friend expecting
cappuccino, familiar conversation,  and
warm chocolate chip cookies…


…but instead-ending
up with some strange dude standing at the doorway scratching his nuts.


“Um, you don’t know me, Missy, but come on in anyways. I
think she should be back tomorrow, orrrr next week, orrrr next month.”






Can’t stay.  Must spit.




I guess you already
figured it out.


Hence,  Mr. Nut Scratcher
will not be visiting my house.


Oooooh, I  almost
forgot to tell you…


Lady image: Lady Gaga Gaga WILL be my only exception to that rule.


~~~~ Darling Reader,  What annoys out there in the blogging world?     Xxx



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108 Responses to Two Popular Blogging Trends I Shant Be Doing

  1. Julie says:

    I don’t mind either of those things in small measure. They’re fun ways to build a community.

    The only blogging thing that really annoys me is people who write about the same thing every day. Not just “kids” or “photography,” but specifically the same thing like “I like cheese.”

    And then two days later “Cheese is good.”

    And the week after “I’m thankful for cheese.”

    C’mon. Some variety please.

    This, from the woman who wrote regularly about poop. Sorry. We’re all hypocrites here. 😉
    Julie recently posted..2011: The Year of the BlogMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Cheese! That is hilareous 😉

      I am sooo a hypocite, as well X

      I keep tellin’ the same stories about my sister…but I don’t give a shit what people think.

  2. I totally agree with you on both counts. No awards. No guest posts.
    Pat Scattergood recently posted..Hello blue skies; bye-bye depression.My Profile

  3. Ann says:

    Hi Kim!

    Neither one of them bother me. I have guest posted for some folks and I AM going to have guest posters (can we still be friends? I’ll be coming back). However, everything in moderation is a good motto to live by!

    I have met some of the BEST bloggers through guest posting. I don’t know everyone out there, so I look at it as a way to meet new bloggers!

    I’ve not run into anything that really annoys the stink out of me. I’ve found that most everyone in the blog-o-sphere to be – for the most part – delightful and kind. …but then my rose colored goggles are permanently bolted to my head!

    I guess trolls who write inflammatory comments just to be mean spirited annoy me!
    Ann recently posted..Beef and Orange Stir-fryMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Ahhhh, Ann, I shall miss you.
      Do your guest bloggers scratch their nuts?

      Just kidding.

      I want to hear what you think of England. I love it there. xxxx

  4. Amy says:

    Can’t. . .get. . .nut scratching guy. . .out. . .of. . .my. . .head!

  5. Bella says:

    Kim, I love how you see the world. And the reasoning behind your decision to not have guest bloggers and promote awards. I love how you’re strong that way; a leader, and not a follower. Here’s what I find most annoying in the blogging world: the leeches. For me, the real deal breaker is the blogger who visits certain blogs for a time, leaves comments in the attempt to gain exposure, weasels her way into having her name mentioned in some of the blogger’s posts, writes the blogger and pleads to be followed, and once all that has been accomplished, fades into the ether. Heinous behavior. And nasty. Then there’s the blogger who replies to some comments, and ignores others. Now that’s just rude. If you can’t answer all of them, then don’t answer any of them. That’s what I say. That said, I feel the only exception might be bloggers that get a gazillion comments because I understand that it wouldn’t be feasible to answer so many. Nevertheless, I know plenty of bloggers who while not answering comments, take the time to visit the commenters’ blogs. And that’s just great. But the attention seeking hussies and the rude sisters, no can do. :)

  6. totsymae1011 says:

    Kim, you’re something else.
    I, too, was accepting blog awards early on but then I started getting so many, I would have to interrupt posts to do what I thought was the right thing. And actually, I was thinking I HAD to accept.

    Guest blogging at my site hasn’t gone over as well as I’ve hoped. So, I don’t know what I’ll do regarding that.
    I know people come over expecting me and like you say, it’s like, “Oh, so Totsy’s not here today?” and the visitor isn’t all that interested in who is there…In the very beginning, I thought I’d do book reviews but everybody’s doing that and to be honest, I never read them. I’ll determine my own interest by reading the summary, not according to what someone else’s assessment is.

    I think I’ll keep changing things up as I’ve been doing, in appeasing this ADD behavior.

    Ball scratching, girl? Probably smoking a cigarette too, huh.
    totsymae1011 recently posted..Word for the Day: Stay-At-Home DadMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      you better not have somebody else on your blog, chickie.

      I’d be pissed cuz I love ya. Xxx

      –Are you smoking a cigarette right now?

  7. Kim Pugliano says:

    Although I partake, there are two hundred trillion too many link-ups.

    I was totally going to guest blog for you.

    You suck.

    But I love you still.

    Because you’re awesomesauce.

    Kim Pugliano recently posted..Comment on Dear Matilda* – You Suck by Kimberly PuglianoMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Haaaaa. I can’t have you guest blog, cuz everyone may dig you more than they dig me!!!!!

      Damnnnnn You.xx

  8. Hi Kim,
    I have to say that I kind of like the awards…just call me shallow…I like the one up there…it’s pink:) but in the beginning when people gave them to me, I didn’t really know enough bloggers to that I do, I haven’t received them in a while…sigh…As far as guest blogging goes….well, I won’t have any because consider my blog my little pink baby, and I would feel too pressured to write something for someone…guess that’s that..

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Dear Pinkim,
      No. You are not shallow….

      You just have another opinion as I.

      That’s sooo cool w/ me. X

  9. Kim, the awards thing is fine when you start out. But I usually (not always, but usually) plan my blogs out and even write them ahead of time. I don’t really like the awards thing because it’s such a gimmick. Go do this, then do that, then do this. The problem is, I really have this short little attention span and I have a very hard time following directions. The “thank the person who gave you the award, then go find your favorite 10 bloggers to pass this on to, then pat your head four times and turn around 3 times. Ugh! It’s just hard.

    I don’t really like the “guest blogger” routine. I come to Kim’s house to see Kim, not the itchy balls dude. If I had wanted to see him, I would have dropped by his apartment in the first place.

    Know what I mean?

    Linda Medrano recently posted..Good Karma and Star PowerMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      I know exsactly what you mean.

      I HAaaaTE following directions, too. & I’ve gotten into much trouble.. HA HA

      I have a feeling we have LOTS in common, Sweets. X

  10. Annabelle says:

    Meh, neither one bother me much.

    My blog is small, cozy, and full of genuinely nice, supportive and funny readers/commenters/, so I was pretty flattered by their early recognition; it gained me more than a few new friends too. But I also stated no more awards, my blog community is too small, it was a bit incestuous. And i’m super lazy.

    And guest posts? Depends on the blog type. Some spaces don’t frankly lend themselves out to the idea of strangers. I have met done really fab, previously unknown bloggers through their guest post gigs.

    I hate when someone leaves a comment on my blog referencing a comment I’ve made on theirs. It’s fishing for readers and it’s rude.

    Love your blog, often find myself too emotional to comment. But that’s our little secret, mmmkay?

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      I love hearing what other people think…

      I may be in the minority on this “Guest Blogging” thing.
      That’s okay.

      I respect everybody’s opinon. Ya Know?

      XX Kiss For You, dear.

  11. Ashley says:

    Whoops now I feel bad for nominating you for the award that I did.

    I think guest posts can good good in the right context, but I do think they are abused.
    Ashley recently posted..The Art Of Hoop DancingMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Don’t feel bad!!!

      Just my perspective….

      I love that you thought of me! Seriously.

      You. Are. So0000. Sweet. Xx

  12. Michael Ann says:

    Good for you, stick to your convictions. I have felt the same discomfort about the blog awards as well, and I have never had a guest blogger. Now it’s true, I have “discovered” some amazing new blogs because of guest posts on the sites I like to visit. But generally, I feel the same. Not that it matters to your decisions how I feel!!!

    This whole blogging thing is weird. It’s it’s own culture. It’s like a little blogging community. When I started blogging, I figured it was for ME and I hoped friends and family would read it. Then I found out about Voice Boks and other blogging sites and thought I should join in and do all the networking and blog hops. But I’m burned out and beginning to question the whole darned thing. Not sure where I’m going with that yet….
    Michael Ann recently posted..Is it time to change how you approach change?My Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Mickael Ann, I looooove the networking sites.

      Twitter. Facebook. and now Pinterest.

      I am addicted.

      Xx Love.

  13. Joan says:

    I’ve never heard of the blog awards. I agree with you about guest bloggers. I’ve never used one myself. What annoys me about the blogging world is the arrogant and rude $%%holes who comment on my blog. They think they know everything and they say anything that comes to their small minds. And they’re the guys with the guns. So I fight with these guys every day. I think I’m winning. If we keep blogging and getting our message out, we will win.
    Joan recently posted..It’s stupid and dangerous out there again, and again, and again….My Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      those gun dudes love youuu.
      The thing that pisses them off is that you are ( MUCH ) smarter than them.


      Xx Kisssss

  14. I have the same problem with awards. you are not alone!
    The Bipolar Diva recently posted..The Bipolar Diva: ConstraintsMy Profile

  15. Mamawolfe says:

    You make me think and I like that. Blog awards are nice and I change the rules if I don’t like them. I don’t usually post them right away either. Ive had some great guest posts but that’s tricky too. I get what you’re saying. What tees me off are the comments that just say “I’m a new follower. I’d like a follow back.”. I’m a girl who doesn’t like to be told what to do, so those types of remarks get under my fingernails. All in all I love blogging and getting to read authentic writing from real people.
    Mamawolfe recently posted..Uncovered BeautyMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      I despise being told what to do, as well. This has gotten me into a bit of trouble.

      Love reading your lovely blog. Quite profound. X

  16. Nicole says:

    You mean you patently REFUSE to support my attention whore addiction?

    Talk about attitude with a side of bitch…. 😉

    J/K, hon (though I’m sure you already knew)–love you just the way you are.

  17. Monica says:

    When I received my first award, I was so excited. But slowly came to realize these awards are a bit like chain letters and I’m not fond of chain letters. I usually break the chain by not responding. So thank you for taking a stand and maybe putting a stop to the award thing, or at least slowing it down. Though I must say, the one thing I like about them is the extra exposure it gives your blog.

    As for guest bloggers, I’ve been a guest blogger about three times I think, but I’ve never had a guest blogger on my site. Not sure how I feel about it. But I do know how I feel about you: you’re super awesome, Kim!
    Monica recently posted..Fifty/FiftyMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      I am in the minority on the guest blogging thing…

      but that’s okay… EVERYBODY deserves their own perspective.

      —this makes the world go round. Xx & I like that.

  18. Blog awards are for the new bloggers – they make them feel good and it spreads some community around for those who need the visits, comments & generally, just encouragement to keep going. I liked them early on, but after the first few, felt grateful I was thought and thanked the giver graciously, and just didn’t pass it on.

    As for guest bloggers – I do my Guest Star series as a way to introduce my favorite bloggers to my readers. Not everyone reads those and that’s fine. But for those who like finding new awesome blogs, it’s great.

    Actual writing of guest posts is rare on my blog – only when I’m away for longer than a week do I ask some of my favorite writers to post. I choose people who really strike a chord, wherever they write, and people that I just KNOW my regular readers would not mind meeting/ reading. And they do not scratch their balls 😉

    What bugs me about blogging are blog hops – not link ups, but just literally blog hopping. People who go blog to blog, do not read the post and comment, following you, follow me, and they never come back. Meh to those.
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..Tasty Thursday: Chocolate Sea Salt CookiesMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Mama, Alison,

      I love reading you so much … that I get a little upset when I see somebody else on your page…

      Forgive me. I am definitely in the minority on this issue. that’s okay.

      Love Love Love. xx

  19. You’re right about the awards. It breaks the heart to “choose”. Yet I did it. Just once. And I am going to have second thoughts (and third, and fourth) next time I get one. :-)

    I think guest posting is nice – it is a fun way to build a community and meet new people for most of us. I enjoy doing it and in fact, do a regular column on a couple of other blogs. Funnily, though, I realized that on my ten-year old blog, Going A-Musing, I’ve never once had a guest post by someone else. I did write about my guest posts elsewhere but only at the end of a post – after all, I think my regular readers have the option to go read it, or not :-)

    If I had a guest post on my blog, it will probably be my son or husband – and only if they promise to be very very funny, which they are. Giggle.

    Your post got me thinking about things I would not do. I’d never ignore a comment. Of course, I’d never bitch about another blogger, ever. But I would be guilty of mentioning some with love. I just cant help that 😀 When I am happy, I gotta show it.

    I do find it weird how some people do not reply to comments, though. I am okay with it, with people I know very well…yet, it constantly intrigues me how some people invite comments specifically and then, won’t acknowledge them at all. Even worse, like Bella here said, reply to some and ignore some.

    Now, before you tell me to go ramble on my own blog, :-) :-) I am off!

    But not before I tell you how much I enjoy visiting your blog, Kim. Love & hugs!
    Vidya Sury, Freelance Writer & Blogger recently posted..Keeping Time: Scenes From LifeMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      I soooo enjoy you and your perspective on things.

      You are one of my faves.

      My first guest blogger will be Lady Gaga…

      Then I shall see what happens.

      You. Inspire. Me. Xx

  20. Impulsive Addict says:

    Well, I feel the same way with awards. And I’ve had guest posters before but I haven’t done it in a long time. But I kinda don’t like to read a bloggers guest poster unless its funny. Then I’ll stay.

    But I will tell you what bothers me. You are one of two people that I let this slip with. I don’t like it when someone leaves me a comment and I can’t reply back! But I got your email address and it’s all good between us and you know I adore you even if I’m one of your newer followers!!

    And snotty bloggers who bring blog drama into my life make me a little bitchy! Or it could be my lack of sugar and alcohol making me bitchy….
    Impulsive Addict recently posted..My Worst Christmas GiftMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:


      I still don’t get what you mean. TELL ME! SO I can fixt this.
      Okay? I don’t get what you are saying here.

      I have not come across snotty bloggers, but I’d love for you to write a blog about this!!!!


  21. I appreciate getting awards, I just don’t give them! And I like guest posts in moderation. I’ve met some amazing people that way. Though I’ve slowed down on agreeing to do them.

    The thing that really bugs me about blogging, that I see a lot, are people who write endless paragraphs with no breaks. My eyes aren’t so good at following along. I usually give up!
    Grumpy Grateful Mom recently posted..Pastimes from the EveMy Profile

  22. Pure Complex says:

    You really do have an amazing point about guest blogging. I like the idea, but if your blog is about what you like or what you create, then most people want to see that and not another person. When discussing my blog with my best friend, her opinion was the same as yours, so I understand where you’re coming from and somewhat agree. I do like guest bloggers, if its bringing attention to an honorable cause, but if you have a guess blogger featured because you don’t want to write a post.. then write one when you’re ready lol
    Pure Complex recently posted..Paper.. WowMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Dear, Pure.’

      Yes. I understand.

      A guest blogger better damn well have something to “””Say”””. xXXX

  23. Mamarazzi says:

    i am so with you on the whole award thing. Too. Much. Work.
    Mamarazzi recently posted..WWTK Q&A wk38 Can You Do It Without Looking?My Profile

  24. I too have declined awards. There is something cheesy about them.

    However, if someone wants to fly to a red carpet event somewhere FABULOUS… You know, dressed to the nines without comfortable snow approved shoes, limos, champagne, I may reconsider.

    Guest bloggers…I have tried it twice, but lost readers immediately….just sayin…

    I hear where your coming from.

    PS There was ice in the water when we swam this morning. I have lost my mind!
    Goodness and Grit recently posted..Happy New Year!My Profile

  25. Good to know I am not the only one who battles to pin point a certain number of bloggers – what I usually do now is change the rules when it gets to me and pay the love forward to new bloggers who deserve some recognition. Hope the rule changing police don’t come after me…
    Guest blogging – can’t say I like that idea either.
    Have a beautiful day Kim.
    :-) Mandy
    Mandy – The Complete Cook Book recently posted..In My Kitchen – January 2012My Profile

  26. Lorraine Not Quite Nigella says:

    Kim, I don’t have or do guest blogs because I feel the same way. I read a blog for the person that writes it! And lol it took me ages to find the five blogs because I didn’t want to leave anyone out! Xx

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Dear Lorraine,
      If you ever had a Guest Blogger, I’d Be VERY PISSED….Unless it was Nigella herself…..although…. you are better. XX

  27. Debbie says:

    Not big on awards either. When I first started blogging I received a few and also nominated some other bloggers but I’m really not interested in participating in that. Guest bloggers – no. My blog is very small and mostly just food centered and I’m interested in only having myself writing the posts. But to each his own!
    Debbie recently posted..Chocolate Cream Pie IMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      –To each her own. Yes. I agree.

      With all the blogs out there…We can pick and choose who we want to read.

      XX Kiss for you, Debbie.

  28. Irene says:

    As sweet and honorable as they are, I really hate being put on the spot with these “awards”. I’m with you, I love all my blog friends. I’ve accepted a couple, posted them on my side bars and after awhile, I thought to myself that this isn’t what my blog is about. I was just recently awarded something and I thanked the person in the comments and that’s it. I’m not going that route anymore.

    I’ve had one guest blogger and it failed epically. I think 4 people commented. And this was a professional writer! He writes books and everything. So I ditched that idea.

    My biggest annoyance?

    The “Post-A-Day” blogger. I hope they don’t seriously think I’m going to “Comment-A-Day” on their posts?
    Don’t get all indignant if I don’t. This is THEIR challenge, not mine.
    Irene recently posted..Fa La La La La My AssMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      I know a— Post A Day Blogger—- who is FANTASTIC & BRILLIANT.

      Did you notice I know I only know ONE?

      You must KICK ASS to do this. SHe Kicks ASS.

      You had better be damnnnnnnnnnnnn Good.

      Love to you, Dearest XX

  29. Lola says:

    I don’t accept those awards anymore either. Mostly because I realized that they are merely created by other individual bloggers, and passed around to every blogger in the blogosphere. Usually from bloggy buddy to bloggy buddy. It’s not exactly the Oscars. In other words, they don’t mean a whole lot. Bitchy of me, right? But it’s true. They make their way around the blogosphere like bad case of Herpes. Everyone gets it eventually.

    And if I’m totally honest, I am WAY too lazy to sit down, choose bloggers and pass this damn thing out to others. I just don’t feel like it. (Your reasons are much, much nicer). Also most of the awards come with a caveat. You must answer a bajillion questions about yourself then ask your 5 or 10 chosen bloggers to do the same. No. I will not. It takes too much work. And thought. But mostly work. Umm, and if I’m being really really really honest… I may or may not have gone ahead and posted a couple of those awards without completing the required work. I wonder if there’s like a blog award fine for doing that? I know. I suck.
    Lola recently posted..Disney NuggetsMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      I love your honesty. You do not sugar coat anything. This is not your stye.

      I liiiike it!

      But I lo0000ve you…. Xx

      Will you accept my Blog Award for “””KICK ASS BITCH?””””
      Please send this to 20 other bloggers. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  30. Lady Fi says:

    I hear you. I accepted the first award, but then realized that I could never just single out a few of my blogging friends.

    One pet hate I have is word verification!
    Lady Fi recently posted..Merry coloursMy Profile

  31. eva626 says:

    i like both lol…

    but hate gaga!!!!
    eva626 recently posted..Tag Post#2My Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Eva, That’s cool….

      but ARE YOU SERIOUS about Gaga?

      Shuuuut Uppppp!!!! xx

      She would be my ultimate interview…

  32. Kim, I’m glad I now have an excuse not to guest blog. I think I’ve done two, but I kind of felt like hey–I hardly have time to write for my own site, much less someone else’s!! And if anyone ever tried to step into your shoes on your blog, I’d be pretty peeved! xxxxxxxx
    Jann Huizenga recently posted..A New Year Dawns on a Sicilian PiazzaMy Profile

  33. I adore you simply for your beautiful use of the word shant.

    I decided early on, no awards. At first I felt left out, then I realized that all those blogs with awards – well, they look messy to me. Chicken-poxy. And when somebody writes an “I won this award post” – I never read those anyway.

    I do like guest posting & interviews, though, in moderation. I chose my guests with love and care, people who can bring something to my readers that I can’t. Recently I had on Karen Wojcik Berner who wrote about why she decided to e-publish her first book. And I hope you’ll still come by when TotsyMae guests for me next week. But to each her own :-). ~mwah~

    My pet peeve -“come to my blog I’m doing a give-away” and there’s some complicated algorithm of follow the blog, the Tweetstream, and comment, and you get X points. Put my name in the hat, or don’t, but don’t ask me to jump through 15 hoops for the chance at a free book.
    Beverly Diehl recently posted..#TomJones, Panty-Throwing, and Wild DreamsMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      You like “Shant” and I like” Chicken-poxy ”


      Yes. I shall be reading Tots. I love her!!! Xxx

  34. Bridget says:

    I don’t love blogs about blogging. I should read them though…maybe my blog would be better!
    Bridget recently posted..Best Of 2011 BloghopMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      If you don’t like them…Don’t read them….Dont’ waste your precious time.

      You do quite well regardless…xx

  35. MommaKiss says:

    What you said. Uh huh!!

    Auto Music on any blog makes me leave. And when I click a link from the blog, but it doesn’t open a new page, I rarely go back. Scrolling image headers. Hurts me!
    MommaKiss recently posted..2012. Like, Whoa.My Profile

  36. My biggest pet peeve is ugly comments, but I can tolerate most everything else.
    (FL) Girl with a New Life recently posted..Decorate My Living Room: Picking an Area RugMy Profile

  37. Shell says:

    No awards here, either. Like a lot of the other commenters said, I did them at first, but then it just got to be too hard to keep track of. I’ll thank someone if they gave me one, but I don’t pass it on.

    I have a weekly guest poster feature on my blog. 😉
    Shell recently posted..Blog Conference Prep: How to Get a Blog Conference SponsorshipMy Profile

  38. Kimberly says:

    I will admit…I get annoyed with the guest posting. I mean, I love meeting new blogs but it’s ok to do once in a while. Some have a new person on once a week. And I will admit that I have been that blogger writting on another site…sigh…where am I going with this…oh yes…Lady Gaga…She is awesome.
    Kimberly recently posted..Just UsMy Profile

  39. janice says:

    Hi, Kim,
    Love the way you roll! Sorry I haven’t been around lately, computer matters, literally, LOL See you soon, I hope, Chickie and rock on in your own special way xo
    janice recently posted..1200 NovelsMy Profile

  40. Ack, I shamelessly accepted awards. I found them fun!
    Kristy @PampersandPinot recently posted..Quilt SkillzMy Profile

  41. Pamela says:

    Would Lady GaGa be the exception if she gave the award, or if she were the nut-scratchin’ guest blogger?

    I would be sad if I came here and someone was blogging instead of you. You are the only you. I accept no imitations!
    Pamela recently posted..I saw God today.My Profile

  42. Dad says:

    Kim, love your cookies.
    Love you

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      —-You aresooooooo weird.

      I am definitiely your daughter….

      I love you more than those chocolate cookies, daddy. XXxx

  43. Adriana Iris says:

    i am flattered by awards and so I have a page to where it links them. I myself don’t give them. i figure i create backlinks that way. LOL

    i don’t like guest bloggers either…lol unless is Madonna 😉
    Adriana Iris recently posted..About Love and Light…My Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:


      Madonna would be FAB “)) I always like the bad girls.

      Adriana, I have a feeling you have an ABUNDANCE of awards. Xxx Kissss

  44. Kiddothings says:

    I do awards – I accept them but don’t pass them along. Does that make me look bad? I’ll remember to tell you not to come by when I have a guest post 😉
    Kiddothings recently posted..Easy Gingerbread RecipeMy Profile

  45. Lady E says:

    Golly, I’ve got guest posts from Separated Dad, and the idea of him scratching his nuts is not one I want to entertain, so not thanking you here Kim ;)!

    I don’t like the awards for a different reason, because they feel like those chain letter things, and if everyone gets them, what’s the point of them? Ok, you can call me a snob then :)…

    You can always acknowledge the bloggers you like by adding them to your blogroll!
    Happy blogging everyone!
    Lady E recently posted..Momentary lapse of reasonMy Profile

    • Kim Sisto-Robinson says:

      Ohhhhhhhhhh, Poor Separate Dad!

      Thankfully I was only talking metaphorically :))

      Keep Blogging. Happy Dating, Lady E. X

  46. Ameena says:

    I’ve been thinking of having a guest blogger – people keep asking me! But I am totally scared now that you won’t come back and read. :)

    Great points my friend!
    Ameena recently posted..too much foodMy Profile

    • HAaaaa,
      If you have a guest blogger….I’ll probably come back to see you
      when you’re back home, Ameena.

      Call me a rebel… but I want to read who I want to read when I want to read them.

      Xx Kiss

  47. lisa says:

    Like you, I did an award in the very beginning, but I did not like the “feel” of that, so no more of that now. The guest bloggers I do like, but not a lot of.
    As always, I so enjoyed reading your post! :-)
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    lisa recently posted..Favorite Flower Photo of 2011My Profile

  48. Your posts always crack me up. I guess I’ll have to give some more thought to awards and guest bloggers. P.S. Is it wrong to hope I’m one of the top 5.
    Barbara @ Barbara Bakes recently posted..Baked Apple Cinnamon Sugar DonutsMy Profile

  49. Kelley says:

    Ha! I love your honesty. I used to do blog awards a LONG time ago, but don’t do that anymore. I haven’t had a guest poster in ages. Yeah, I’m with you. What annoys me? Hmmmm…. Memes. Not a fan.
    Kelley recently posted..My Last Name Builds CharacterMy Profile

  50. Brenda says:

    I agree if Lady Gaga wanted to stop by and visit you should make the exception. I think it’s good to keep an open mind to the possibility, after all I write letters to Princess Diana and Oprah in hopes I might be granted some magical wishes. I like the idea of awarding one another, but like you said, how does one pass the baton forward to all those other bloggers we like reading? I don’t know how to do that either. I like to keep things simple on my blog, write, post, read, share my thoughts, and read other writers who make me smile, inspire, and keep me on my toes. All the other stuff is too much for me to keep up with,so it’s just me and Tobias (my muse) and the words. I give up blog support to my peers by reading and commenting. Is that good? I sure hope so.
    Brenda recently posted..The Blank PageMy Profile

  51. I’m so glad you posted this! I just received a sort of “chain letter” blog thingee and I was over-the-moon honored to be mentioned! I am just excited to be mentioned;). But reading the fine print has made me apprehensive. I just don’t feel comfortable sending this request off to other bloggers. I don’t mind participating by answering questions about myself. I mean, I’m totally down with stroking my own ego. But the rest feels uncomfortable. A bit invasive. Alas, I can simplly do it my own way! Freedom;). You rock. Thank you for speaking your mind!
    Wild Child Mama recently posted..My first timeMy Profile

  52. Sandy Webb says:

    I think the whole award thing is just a pain in the ass. I, like you, don’t like to name just a few blogs that I like. As far as the guest blogging I could not have said it better. I tend not to read guest blogs and I don’t guest blog when invited. You have hit the nail on the head with these two trends!
    Sandy Webb recently posted..Something Different: Wednesday’s RecipeMy Profile

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