——Two Popular Blogging Trends I Shant Be Doing—-



1.  AWARDS:     In the beginning, I accepted a “Versatile & Kreative” Award



I was like the new student in the classroom wanting to
please, wanting to be liked, wanting to fit in.


But I regretted accepting the awards immediately afterwards.


I thought,  how the
hell can I possibly name ( only ) five other blogs I adore—five other blogs
that deserve appreciation?


How can I possibly (even) recognize ten other bloggers who
have rocked my world, soaked into my bones, made me piss my pants with
laughter, and caused me shout (((out loud)))


…like the idiot fool I am…


I get you—I reeeeeally
get you


I Could Not do it.


I Could Not leave

One. Single.  Blogger.


Not One.


Thus,  I declined the
awards explaining why.


I mean, to me, it seemed like selecting a few vibrant crimson
roses out of hundreds.


Are you serious?




So, when you read my blog, you will never witness me ranting
and raving about a particular blogger, or bloggess, or some bitch I’m jealous as hell of.

You know why?


Because I love love
all of you.  All of you.



Am I bad?


Am I a total snot?

Don’t be mad at me.


But I can’t help it.
I get royally pissed off when I click to my beautiful beloved bloggers
and they have strangers on their sites.


Damn them.


It’s like traveling to visit my best friend expecting
cappuccino, familiar conversation,  and
warm chocolate chip cookies…


…but instead-ending
up with some strange dude standing at the doorway scratching his nuts.


“Um, you don’t know me, Missy, but come on in anyways. I
think she should be back tomorrow, orrrr next week, orrrr next month.”






Can’t stay.  Must spit.




I guess you already
figured it out.


Hence,  Mr. Nut Scratcher
will not be visiting my house.


Oooooh, I  almost
forgot to tell you…


Lady image: Lady Gaga Gaga WILL be my only exception to that rule.


~~~~ Darling Reader,  What annoys out there in the blogging world?     Xxx