Have you ever wondered what some of your favorite bloggers would actually be like face to face, eyeball to eyeball, skin to skin?

What would it  be like meeting them (In Person)  for a glass of wine discussing life, love, kids, sex, God, blogging? 

I’ve wondered about this.

Would they truthfully & authentically live up to their blogs?

Would they be intellectual, brilliant, interesting, & wildly hilarious…

….Or would there be awkward silences and uncomfortable pauses?

Would they suddenly become individuals you  Do.  Not.  Recognize.

Would their words and insight flow from the same directions?

I’ve wondered about this.

I mean,

So many of you have become a small  part of my everyday existence.

….And hopefully, I’ve become part of yours.

I’ve  laughed outrageously at your fabulous narratives.

And I’ve sobbed when you’ve gushed your truth about bi-polar, rape, and postpartum depression.

You’ve become my sisters.

You’ve become women I’ve connected with in a sort of solidarity movement.

It’s been revolutionary.


You’ve allowed me to have this profoundly powerful platform to lament, mourn, cry, &  scream FUCK.

Without judgment.    

I’ve used your chicken marsala recipes for  Sunday Dinners, and baked your extraordinary chocolate cakes and coconut macaroons for the church  bizarres.

Australia.   India.   Ireland.   London.   The French Alps.  South Africa.  Kenya.  The Caribbean.   New Zealand.  Tokyo.

San Francisco.   Atlanta.   New York.  Boston.  Las Vegas.  Austin.  Miami. 

You reside in all of these places, and my life has become larger knowing you, learning from you,  and loving your vocabulary.

Have you experienced this sort of shared cohesiveness?

Can you feel the influence we can generate from a simple blog?

And more than that,

If we met face to face, eyeball to eyeball, skin to skin,  would the words between us pour like endless syllables of deliciousness?

I’ve been thinking about that.

—Dear, Readers,   have you met any of your fellow bloggers?  If so, did they live up to their blogs?   What are some of your stories?   Give me a shout out where you’re from!!!

My Favorite Skirt Chickies.  So sorry I wasn’t there!  Looooooooooove you.  Xx

pink lips