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10 Reasons Not To Friend Your Mom On Facebook

December 19, 2010

1.  Because last time you signed on facebook, she IM’s you from work and tells you to get your ass outside to mow the lawn

2.     Because she asks annoyingly why your friend, Dane, addresses you with… “Waz up, Bitch?”

3.      Because she pokes you with red hearts and hugs 

4.      Because it’s embarrassing when her status screams “Cougars Rock, Babe!”

5.      Because she keeps friending your damn High School Teachers

6.      Because after stalking your home page, she asks you what the bloody hell a bong is

7.      Because she continues suggesting friends for you that are over 35-years-old… including  Pastor Mark, the woman who cuts your hair ,  and  Aunt Bonnie

8.      Because after creeping on your photo albums, she makes a comment like, “Ohhhhhh, Cute photo of you and Jeffry at the Homecoming Game.  Remember when you kids  used to hold hands and kiss in Pre-School?

9.      Because she reminds you a month ahead of time when her birthday is by sending you those stupid little cakes

I hate my Mom having a Facebook!

 10. Because she asks your girlfriends’ to friend  her…. and then digs like hell for information about every. single.  detail of your life.


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  • Reply
    December 18, 2010 at 6:20 pm

    Ha! Let me tell you, my friend in college friended his mum (by mistake may i add) His mum, took one of these weird names (i guess in her attempt to be cool) theeeeen, proceeded to friend her son.
    So, all along, the poor guy had been LOLing with her, and sending her invites to weird groups, poking her…not knowing who she was.
    It’s a long story my friend. I can’t even write it without laughing. It ended up with his mum friending ALL his friends, and dropping bible verses on the walls of friends who were updating about alcohol and sex. Sometimes, to the ones she deemed too incorrigible to be walled, she made it her duty to inbox them about the need to change…and guys were like who the heck is this? Mhhhh.
    Anywhat, finally, her son found out, unfriended her, and blocked her!!!
    But that has not stopped the mom from parading her maternal love to other school mates. Finding a new inbox with the title ‘jesus loves you, can’t you just cover your body?it’s God’s temple! I’ve seen ur update, do u need an adult to talk to? Is that your baby? Single motherhood can be hard, do u want to talk? Have u seen my son in school?’ Is quite the norm. I tell you, technology has its trouble.

  • Reply
    December 21, 2010 at 10:55 am

    When my mom got facebook, she starting adding all my DAMN FRIENDS! And of course commenting on everyones page. She thought she was soooo funny, because everytime she’d do that, she’d comment on my page to tell me! Gosh MOM! I really enjoyed #6, I was laughing hysterically and Andrew in the background was telling me to SHUT UP! 🙂
    Well now I’m happy to say im FACEBOOK free!

  • Reply
    Lisa Louis
    January 22, 2011 at 3:44 am

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