10 Things That Effing Electrify Me

In Memory of Kay Kim's Blogs

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1.    Lush Lemon Tea Cakes.  I made these semi-homemade cakes for a recent shower & the chicks went goo-goo-gaa-gaa for them.  Seriously.

Lush Lemon Tea Cakes

Lush Lemon Tea Cakes


2.   These black boots I purchased from a second hand store for only 6 dollars.  I just adore a deal,  don’t you?

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She Stayed Because She Was Too Lazy To Leave

In Memory of Kay Kim's Blogs


Kay's Journal dated a few weeks before her murder.

Kay’s Journal dated a few weeks before her murder.

Dear, Aaron Moon,


I have no idea who you are, but we need to talk.


You left a comment on my blog post, 13 Reasons She Stayed,  which initially infuriated me,  made me see the deepest red.

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16 Things I Really, Really Dig

Kim's Blogs


I really,  really dig Rumi.

I really, really dig Rumi.

1.     I really, really dig Girl in a Food Frenzy I love to watch Alice creating delicious, delectable, daring dishes ( I also dig alliteration ) from Australia.  Watch this segment.  I was the one, Yes,  MEeeee,  who requested this mouth-watering dessert because it’s pure chocolate!

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Behind the Mask 0f Depression



image by misteraitchimage by misteraitch


The Lord turned to me and He heard my cry.  He lifted me out of the slimy pit, and out of the mud and mire; He set my feet on rock. He put a new song in my mouth……Psalm 40:1-3


—–I’ve been inside the black hole of depression.

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